Aid and Comfort to the Enemy

Some folks will accuse me of giving aid and comfort to the enemy. They could be right. However, the opportunity is just too good to pass up. I couldn’t resist. It appears Biden has given up any pretense of being able to formulate a rational answer without the assistance of faceless aides and a teleprompter. Here is an example with a comment from Powerline.

Joe is missing an opportunity. With a little massaging what was a bug becomes a feature. Joe’s verbal screw-ups are not his fault. The teleprompter did it!

Campaigns often draw on music and movies to connect with voters. The intent is to tug at the emotions of potential voters. Nightmare on Elm Street comes to my mind as an appropriate choice. I can understand the reluctance of democrats to use it. So I have another offering, The Wizard of Oz. It is a beloved movie that perfectly sets the tone for the Biden campaign.

Dorothy and friends set out to find the great and powerful wizard. When they do, they are disappointed. The all powerful wizard turns out to be a snake oil salesman.

An alternative would be to work Charlie McCarthy into the campaign. If a fast talking dummy being manipulated by a staightman does’t sum up Biden, nothing does.

Charlie McCarthy and Edgar Bergen (Charlie is the dummy)

Campaigns also use songs from popular culture. Several song writers have objected to Trumps use of their music. No word on whether they reject the royalty checks.

Two songs come to mind for the Biden campaign. Both of them are from The Wizard of Oz. Can’t you just see Joe nuzzling Dorothy’s neck as she sings?

The audience is asked to suspend disbelief as Dorothy sets off on her journey. This song just screams Biden for President.

The other song that comes to mind is this gem. With two past brain surgeries under his belt, Biden owns this song.

Spoiler alert! The scarecrow is awarded a college degree that he didn’t legitimately earn. Plagiarism is Biden’s middle name.

I think I have a talent for this public relations shit.

Picture Biden at the annual White House Easter egg hunt.