MSM Fail, Again

Mary Kay Letourneau was school teacher who boffed a twelve-year-old student back in 1997. He knocked her up. She plead guilty got probation and was ordered to stay away from him. Damned if he didn’t knock her up again. This time around she got sent to prison. When she got out of prison they eventually married. She recently died of cancer.

This story isn’t particularly noteworthy.

The WTF moment comes in the following paragraph. The writer comes up with this gem.

“They had children together and he would always say that she was his first love. So of course he is sad at the loss. He’s sad for the girls, but he’s also sad for himself.”


Think about the passage a moment. THE GUY WAS TWELVE YEARS OLD! If the passage was meant to be satire, I apologize. I get the feeling though that the writer was not going for laughs. The media wonders why nobody takes them seriously.

This was not a fairy tale romance. As the old saying goes, “You can put lipstick on a pig…but it is still a pig.

A Free Press is important. Without the MSM who would sell tampons and toilet paper?