Ah, For the Good Old Days

A Houston doctor is complaining because American Airlines took exception to her outfit. Somebody had to! It’s pretty obvious that the good doctor doesn’t possess a mirror.

There are a lot of villains in this story. American Airlines isn’t one of them. First we have the doctor. She spent all that time in school and never learned anything about taste. I take that back, when it comes to packing away the groceries…

The blame doesn’t stop there. The Doctor claims that she was wearing a cute outfit that nobody would comment on, if it was a size two. She has a point.

Fashion designers share the blame. The market is geared for all comers. There is no room for good taste or common sense. Sub out the plus sizes to Omar the tent maker, make it in Spandex. Fat girls will buy it.

The airlines brought it on themselves. There was a time when flying required a certain decorum.

Flying in the Fifties
No spandex, blue jeans or a ripped tee shirt in sight
Of Course the Aircraft Weren’t as Fast

Do your own thing only works to a point. Being edgy acknowledges that there is a line. When your thing intrudes into somebody else’s thing, push back is an obvious and expected result. Shock and dismay is just so much bullshit.