A Story You Won’t See on The MSM

Andrew Cuomo
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democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo is in the running for most inept Governor in a crisis. You wouldn’t know it to read the MSM. Power Line Blog paints a different picture.

Cuomo is governor of the state that accounts for about 37 percent of U.S. coronavirus deaths. This statistic by itself isn’t enough to condemn him. Nor are imperfections in the state’s response to the pandemic, although if you’re a Democrat, imperfections in the U.S. response are enough to condemn President Trump.

Paul Mirengoff, Power Line Blog

Kathleen Blanco, No longer the most inept Governor during a crisis.

Kathleen Blanco, former Louisiana Governor during Hurricane Katrina.
Katrina supplies, no good unless distributed

What if the President sent a hospital ship and nobody came? The first step in addressing the ventilator shortage is to distribute the ventilators in hand,

SAY BYE, BYE! USNS Comfort Leaving New York

Any idiot can call a press conference. The old saying: “Actions speak louder than words still holds true.