I Wonder

Current events brought to mind summer days when I was ten. We would pluck a piece of grass, place it between our thumbs and blow. This was called a grass whistle. It has been fifty plus years since I tried it. I’ve traveled a bit, my experience base has expanded. That innocent exercise has taken on a new dimension and created a question I couldn’t consider back then.

The “Art of Manliness Blog” explains the process.

  1. Place a nice thick blade of grass between your two thumbs.
  2. Place back of thumbs against your mouth and blow! You know you’re successful by the annoying screeching sound coming out from your thumbs.

It could be just me. I prefer to believe that being a cop for thirty years altered my perception of things. I know what happened. I was thinking of that simpler time, making grass whistles. Then associations, variations on the theme, and alternatives reared up.

Poof, there I was brought forward to current times with all of my experience to draw upon. Gone was the blade of grass. Gone were the thumbs. The picture remained the same, but different. It begged a new question. When a girl wearing a thong farts, does she whistle?

Inquiring minds want to know!