You Only Had One Job ….

CNN host Don Lemon missed the New Year’s eve countdown. It wasn’t his fault. Counting down from ten involves math. Math is racist.

Nothing epitomizes incompetence like a liberal. CNN didn’t last more than a few seconds into the New Year before they fucked up. CNN and its host Don Lemon had one job, watch the ball drop and when it bottomed out announce the New Year. Lemon couldn’t get it done. He was busy clowning for the cameras, “LOOK AT ME” and missed the whole countdown thing.

Keep this in mind every time you watch CNN. Then ask yourself, “I wonder what really happened.”

Is the harbinger of how the new year is going to go. Wait, wait I got it! This is CNN setting a goal (resolution) for 2023. It’s a CNN challenge, ‘think we can’t sink any lower?’ Stay tuned.

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