You Can’t Make This Shit Up! #217

Fanapt Schizophrenia drug commercial

I maintain that liberals are incapable of recognizing irony. If you pay attention you can find examples that prove I’m right. I caught this commercial for a schizophrenia drug on TV the other night. It has to be a liberal production because if a conservative produced it, the lynch mobs would be circling the advertising agency.

Here’s the set up two chicks meet up. They are both crazier than shithouse rats. Their crazy is being managed by a drug called Fanapt. Fanapt treats schizophrenia. The camera follows them as they wander about with a degree of functionality. One confesses that she has stopped hearing voices. The other admits she no longer feels that everybody is staring at her. So far so good. Then comes the punchline.

“By using Fanapt you’re never alone.”

Is this an appropriate thing to say to schizophrenics?