Wonderful Day, Next Door

Recently a cat showed up at the house. She was friendly and very vocal. She took up residence on the front porch. According to her, she was about to starve to death. Nobody loved her. We already have an inside cat and she was not willing to tolerate a roommate. It was just as well, because it turns out this wannabe new addition was a con artist and liar. She is freeloading at three houses that I know of.

This just serves as a lead in to what I wanted to write about. When the cat first appeared, my sister-in-law recommended that I check Nextdoor.com to see if the cat had been reported lost or missing. I did that, with no luck. However, the postings turn out to be pretty entertaining. For instance:

The Great Dog Crap Debate

This was good for thirty or so postings discussing the great dilemma of our time, “Does a dog crap on the lawn?” What followed was a discussion of dog crap and the etiquette of dog crap disposal. Rather than repeat the whole debate I think the cartoons about cover it.

There are many postings about lost, found, and kidnapped animals.

When I was a kid, nobody had a fenced in yard. Dogs weren’t leashed or chained up. They wandered the neighborhood. The neighbors two doors down had a German Shepard, “Ginger.” Ginger didn’t like thunderstorms. A covered patio wasn’t good enough. At the first crack of thunder if Ginger couldn’t get in her own house she came to ours and begged to be let in.

Now cats and dogs are being “rescued” without realizing that they needed rescuing. I suspect some are snatched out of their own front yard.

Crime Real or Imagined seems to be a popular topic.

The problem is peoples’ tolerance level for suspicious behavior is all over the place. It’s all in the eye of the beholder and some need glasses.

Occasionally there are discussions about the actions of local law enforcement

Like everything else the same action will be applauded or criticized based on the bias of the commenter, facts be damned.

“Nextdoor” beats the alternative

There has not been any discussion regarding the Clinton body count, the alleged suicide of Jeffry Epstein, or democrat impeachment circus.

Not all clowns ride in cars, democrat impeachment efforts

That’s Entertainment!

The key to being enthralled is to have a very low threshold for entertainment. The Three Stooges and George Carlin were comedians They took different routes to the same destination.