Setting The Record Straight

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If you’re a guy, how toilet paper was hung was never an issue. It was either there or it wasn’t. How it was presented was not a consideration. All of that changes once a guy gets married. Then guys find out, “You’re not doing that right.”

Chances are a guy’s first argument after entering into the institution of marriage revolved around the toilet. Two guy short comings come into play. One is the position of the seat, up or down? The second is the direction of the toilet paper, over the top or from the bottom. I had no idea that these two issues were critical to wedded bliss.

Seat up or down? This should be a non issue. That it is an issue puts paid to the argument that the male of the species is superior to the female. Done, final, end of discussion. How many guys have fallen in because the seat was up. NONE.

AS to the direction of the toilet paper, my stance is: “who gives a shit?” However, there is a correct answer. It is supplied by the United States Patent Office circa 1891. The illustration settles the debate once and for all, over the top.

Here it is unequivocal proof. Run that by the wife, next time the topic comes up. U.S. patent office, wife’s mom. No contest. Mom wins.