What do you do when the high speed, low drag stuff is over?

Retirement isn’t as simple as it looks. After a while, it takes a real effort to keep oneself amused. Simple things can throw off the best laid plans. But what the hell, we all have met and overcome other challenges thru the years.

The First Step is Adopting The Proper Attitude

Since you are likely to be home more often, you will be amazed at the shit that goes on in the neighborhood. Signs don’t work. Visual aids on the other hand…

It also seems to work with door to door solicitors

Managing Your Time

I recently quit smoking. I’ve gotten over the withdrawal and cravings. What I didn’t contend for was all the extra time I now have available. I didn’t smoke in the house. That meant I was up and down (exercise) at least thirty times a day. Five minutes per cigarette eats up two and half hours. Add another forty minutes for two trips to the store and suddenly I’ve got three hours to kill.

I attribute the weigh gain not to an increased appreciation of food. Instead elaborate meal prep is an effort to do something with those three hours gained. I’ve gotten to the point that I find myself lingering at the seafood counter at HEB. I don’t eat much fish and prepare even less. But there I am staring at:


I don’t think I’ve ever eaten octopus. Look at it! Who thought it was a good idea to eat octopus. There I am, thinking, “Yeah, octopus I could cook that.”

Shades of Sid and Effie, the Piranha Club

I suppose I could go out and make new friends, but…

I have spoken to my fellow retirees. They offer some activities that help them pass the time.

I am not afraid of heights. The view is probably nice. Ah, to feel the wind blowing in my hair, balls swaying in the wind. However, I don’t see this being a summertime endeavor, in Texas. That roof is liable to be hot and I’m not interested in frying the boys.

I could try my hand at invention. Like my buddy Ed.

Chicken diapers, maybe he is on his way to his first million. Life is simpler down on the farm.

I came up with a surefire idea for a product everybody wants. I just don’t have the technical know how. I’m guessing that direct marketing is a nonstarter.

I’ve always liked water recreation. I can’t afford a boat. I don’t know any hard bodies. So while I could get behind this.

This is what I can afford. It has all the seating capacity I need.

I could move, open up new vistas

This would require that I move. The good news is that I actually have experience in this field. I grew up in Daytona Beach. The belly isn’t quite there and I don’t have a Speedo, but I can pass. The bad news. I grew up in Daytona Beach. I am now allergic to the sun. Photo bombing opportunities are limited after dark.

Doctor’s Visits

Chances are you will see more doctors than you saw in the previous ten years. Relax. The nurses are highly trained. It never hurts to ask for help.

At least I don’t have to worry about this.

The moral of the story is get out there and do something.