It’s In The Bag!

I was standing on my front porch, the other day. I watched a steady stream of dog walkers as they trudged past my vantage point. There was something disquieting about the parade. Then it struck me, the urban dog experience, the relationship between dog and master, is the epitome of the failure of liberalism.  

This isn’t just my opinion. I have pictures to prove it.

Truffle Hunting Dogs
Black truffles

In Europe, people use dogs to hunt truffles. The guy in the picture, above, is holding a small fortune in the bag. Below is the going price for truffles.

  • White truffles cost $5900 per pound.
  • Black Périgord truffles cost $575 per pound from farmer’s markets and $2000 per pound from retail sellers.
  • Black summer truffles cost $670 per pound.
  • Pecan truffles cost $100 per pound.

If one was to head to rural America, this picture is common. 

A pheasant on his way to the game bag.
Pheasant, only $64 on-line.

Come to urban America and it is a different story. Still got the dog and the bag but…

Not everybody looks this good with a hand full of dog shit!

What is on the plate is just as appetizing as the politics that causes people to scurry around with bags full of shit.

Liberalism, it’s what’s  for dinner
It’s like they say. Does the Pope shit in the woods?