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Mother Who Named Her Daughter ‘Abcde’ Furious At Airline Agent For Mocking Girl’s Name

courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

ByHANK BERRIENNovember 29, 2018 230.5k views

A mother who gave her daughter the name “Abcde” is upset because a Southwest Airlines gate agent at John Wayne Airport in California mocked the girl’s name, not only in person but also on social media. Abcde Redford is an epileptic, so she and her mother Traci always board before others, and a few weeks ago that triggered the incident.

Traci Redford said the agent not only mocked her five-year-old daughter’s name, which is pronounced “Ab-city,” in front of the young girl but also took a picture of her boarding pass and posted it on social media so others could make fun of it, too.

In 1969 Johnny Cash performed a “Boy Named Sue” at Folsom Prison. It became his only top ten hit on the Billboard Top One Hundred chart. In the Cash song, a low life names his son Sue because he knew he wouldn’t be a factor in the child’s life. The theory was that with such a name the child would grow up tough and self reliant. The father suspected that the boy would be subjected to ridicule and have to stand up for himself. This proved to be the case. The song ends after father and son meet and reconcile their differences.

Fast forward to modern day. This idiot mother names her daughter Abcde. Unfortunately for the child, mama is still on the scene, not having the good graces to disappear, like Sue’s dad. In the modern version, nobody is supposed to notice that mom is a booger eating moron or that the kid has been saddled with a nonsensical name. 

There is an old English observation that no matter how stupid the villagers are, they are still able to identify the village idiot. Being identified as the village idiot is not celebration of diversity.

Sensitivity is a slogan on a condom wrapper.