Fashion Failure

Okay, I admit it, at sixty-five my penis is not the member it once was. Used to be in the morning, when I shaved, it was peeking up over the edge of the sink at me. Now the one-eyed trouser snake just stares at the floor. I saw the headline in Drudge and thought, yeah buy something nice for my little buddy.

Yves Saint Laurent launches controversial penis jewelry

I started to worry. Would the addition of jewelry entail piecing? I don’t think I’d like that. There was the practical consideration. I’d be all dressed up with nowhere to go. I tried and failed to come up with a suitable conversation starter. How does one go about displaying my new found splendor without being arrested? With no one to show my adornment to; was it worth the expense?

I clicked into the article and found out my concerns were unfounded.

Never mind!