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Whitey Bulger’s Body Returns to South Boston for Funeral Mass

A funeral mass was held for notorious crime boss Whitey Bulger today. He did not receive the typical crime boss funeral. Must have been the snitch rap.

The funeral was held with minimal fanfare, with about a dozen in attendance dressed in black. Sources tell NBC 10 Boston that Bulger’s body was present, and that the burial was private. 

Without any attempt at irony the money quote is below.

 It’s unclear where he was buried.

Channel 10 news

The same can be said for many of Whitey Bulger’s victims, except no funeral. I suppose the location of Whitey’s internment will become known, eventually. Given all we know about Whitey Bulger, I suspect his grave will be popular in certain quarters. I have a suggestion for a fitting memorial. It pays tribute to Whitey’s life and will comfort visiting mourners.

I’ll leave to somebody else to express the proper sentiment.

There, I fixed it!