Sounds Like a Psychologist was Behind in His Mercedes Payment to Come Up With This

The latest report of  Trans Fraud reaches bizarre new heights.  From Moonbattery, at the link.  A man in his mid forties, married, with seven children has decided he is a woman trapped in a man’s body.  Ok, ho hum move over Bruce. This guy takes it a step further, women isn’t the proper term, six year old girl is more accurate.  Not six going on seven, no perpetually six.  This has got to be a put on.

If it is not, he has managed to find a psychologist or psychiatrist to support him in his journey.  Apparently medical ethics, malpractice, and common sense have no place in the field of psychology.  He has found a couple, along with their extended family that have allowed him to take up residence. He now dresses and acts like an six year old girl.  I can’t think of  better argument that psychology is nothing more than an elaborate hoax.

I suspect that the golden age for psychology was Victorian England.  That age ended in 1901.  Physicians of the time built lucrative practices treating “Female Hysteria”.  For those of you not up on Victorian medical practices, they made house calls and masturbated frustrated housewives.  I believe carpel tunnel syndrome was discovered shortly afterwards.  Psychologists and psychiatrists have been jerking the rest of us off ever since.

I came across a paper written by an economist, Bryan Caplan.  His paper expands upon the thoughts of psychiatrist Thomas Szasz, who was critical of psychological thought.  Caplan applied economic principles to mental illness as related in Economic Theory Applied to Mental IllnessIt is an interesting take and deserves to be read in its entirety. 

He points out that mental illness or acting out inappropriately is under the control of the subject and therefore is a choice.  It may not be a good choice but it is a choice never the less.  Everybody aspires to standout but not everybody can win the spelling bee.  As Hollywood has noted there is no such thing as bad publicity.  If you can’t win the spelling bee, then being known as the guy who rubs shit in his hair may fit the bill.  Andy Warhol pointed out, “In the future everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.”