Nomination for a Hero Badge

In this installment of Nomination for a Hero Badge we have A two fer from the San Antonio Police Department.  First, a patrol officer caught a 30 day suspension for a Facebook posting. Second goes to the fascist Chief that handed out the suspension.

As far as I’m concerned any cop stupid enough to participate on Facebook deserves what he gets.  Not for anything that transpires on Facebook just simply for joining.  Officer Daryl Carle apparently posted a quote from a UTUBE video series.  Original thought is not Officer Carle’s strong suit.

I can see instances when cops posting on Facebook can lead to disciplinary action.  Pictures and comments about the hot fifteen year old you dated are never good.  A direct attack on the administration, no matter how much they deserve it, will do the trick.  To get tagged for a bad movie line? Come on, all you dinosaurs from the 70’s own up.  How many times did you say, “Make my Day”, “Do you feel lucky punk” or since we’re talking administrative geeks, “a man has got to know his limitations.”

The second half of the two fer SAPD Chief William McManus, a screaming liberal, decided to take offense and like his politically correct fascist brethren everywhere dropped a 30 day suspension on the officer.  Three SAPD officers are under investigation by the FBI for a Federal Civil Rights violation.  Chief McManus has already disposed of their case, within the SAPD, by cutting their suspensions in half from what was recommended.

This isn’t the first time Chief McManus has demonstrated rather odd priorities. He spent close to 1 million dollars trying to fire an SAPD Lieutenant for cheating on a Captain’s exam.  The Lieutenant prevailed at every stage and is now a Captain.

SAPD was rid of McManus once when he retired, but he is back.