Seemed Like A Good Idea

Technological solution to a non-existent problem

I don’t have any kids; that I ever met. So the impulse to drag the old video camera to a kid’s sporting event in order to capture the action has never occurred to me. I have witnessed the efforts of fathers who attempted that feat. None of the results are ready for prime time. Now there is technology designed to follow the action.

A group of computer geeks came up with an automated camera system. The program was designed so that the camera would focus on the ball. The developers were so arrogant they decided to unveil the camera system during a championship match. The video displays the results. It appears that the camera was unable to distinguish between a soccer ball and the bald head of a referee.

Could have been worse.

Before there was Janet Jackson
Marlins game.

What am I saying? It was a soccer game. Boob-o-vision looks fine to me.

The technology causing the eye to follow the rounded object already exists.