Liberal Logic #121

A city in Wisconsin is contemplating firing a cop because he has been involved in three fatal shootings. All three shootings were justified and no criminal charges were contemplated or pending. The argument is that the cop should be fired, because he might do it again. According to liberals, with three shootings under his belt, it is likely he will shoot somebody else.

If they weren’t so stupid…. Liberals are the same folks that will argue that consideration of past criminal behavior when contemplating sentencing on current criminal charges is wrong. PEOPLE CHANGE! Apparently legally sanctioned behavior under the auspices of law and policy doesn’t deserve the same consideration.

To further illustrate the antics of the left, PowerLine blog has an entry about a journalist who had been fired for plagiarism and falsifying a story back in the 90’s. Knowing this, The Atlantic hired her anyway. Damned if she didn’t do it again.

But it is okay The Atlantic apologized:

We decided to assign Barrett this freelance story in part because more than two decades separated her from her journalistic malpractice at The New Republic and because in recent years her work has appeared in reputable magazines. We took into consideration the argument that Barrett deserved a second chance to write feature stories such as this one. We were wrong to make this assignment, however. It reflects poor judgment on our part, and we regret our decision.

You see when anybody but a liberal apologizes it is nothing more than a strategy. However, when a liberal apologizes it is sincere and must be taken at face value. Remember those immortal words,

“I did not have sex, with that woman!”

Blow Job Bill Clinton, serial rapist and 42nd President

Why is it that turds who bring a knife to a gunfight or draw down on a cop bear no responsibility for their actions?

I find it interesting that the only solution that the firing proponents can come up with is firing. Remember the argument isn’t that the officer did anything wrong. It is not even that he will do anything wrong in the future (other than shooting turds). Apparently, in the liberal mind, three is the officer’s bag limit.

It seems to me that the police department could change his assignment to one with less chance of confrontation. I know, I know, police liaison to the City Council!

It is rumored that Texas Ranger Frank Hamer killed fifty men during his career. That was before he got around to Bonnie and Clyde. Times change.