Psychosis Is No Virtue

Picture of Mental Health

As if claiming to be transsexual isn’t high enough on the psychosis hit parade, this woman who claims to be a man has taken it a step further. She also claims to be a dog. I guess that makes her trans-species. This is not a virtue, it is mental illness.

I don’t care if a passing dog decides to take a dump in my front yard. With all the effort dogs put in to find the right spot, they are following an imperative that is beyond my comprehension. I defer to their judgement that my front yard needs a turd in just that place. However, this does not give this trans-gender, trans-species freak show license to shit in my front yard.

I was cop for thirty years. I have a passing familiarity with crazy. Cops, in general, are probably more accepting of crazy than most people. I draw the line when wackos demand that I validate their psychosis. 

If Elizabeth Warren wants to play Pocahontas in her living room, more power to her. When she falsifies applications and demands that the public buy off on her delusions and lies, then she deserves disdain and ridicule. I have no problem referring to her as Princess Angry Beaver.

I dealt with transvestites and transsexuals frequently. I never had a problem calling them darling, dear, sweetie, Yvette, or Gigi. Some of it was gamesmanship, to obtain cooperation. Sometimes it was to screw with the ex-Marine patrol sergeant. I must have asked twenty or thirty transvestite hookers if they had ever been Marines, not one copped to it. When it came time to put pen to paper, Gigi’s sex was determined by chromosomes, not preference. 

If a wacko wants to rub shit in their hair, that is their right. I reserve my right to point out that the behavior of the stinky motherfucker is not appropriate. Shit in the hair does not smell like rose petals. They get no kudos from me for creativity. I have no problem  belittling, verbally abusing and subjecting such a person to ridicule. The wacko may want attention, but that doesn’t mean they get to dictate the tone and tenor of the attention.

The story does two things. It titillates the reader. It also describes a seriously disturbed couple. The other alternative is that the thieving husband is trying to screw the airlines by claiming that Tony is an emotional support animal and paying the $75 fee rather than a full fare.