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What we need is a waiting period and regulations governing the use and possession of sausages.

Man Arrested For Pelting His Mother With Sausages, Cops Report

Meet Hermes Callijas-Gasperin.

The 22-year-old Floridian was arrested for allegedly pelting his mother with sausages inside the kitchen of their Bradenton residence.

Cops charge that Callijas-Gasperin battered his 41-year-old mother after asking her to make him some food around 8 PM Monday. The victim agreed to prepare a meal, but asked her son “to give her a few minutes due to being busy.”

The unemployed Callijas-Gasperin became angry when asked to wait, according to a probable cause statement. Callijas-Gasperin “threw the remaining sausages” at his mother, with one sausage striking her in the right eye. He also allegedly pushed the victim backwards and placed his hands around her neck (but did not restrict her breathing)

Obviously a case of child abuse. He was hungry and she didn’t move fast enough. He is a victim. 

What would Tony do?