News You Can Use

The main stream media is broken. Reporters have no credibility. Most lack the basic ability to conduct and a proper investigation and then string together a coherent narrative. Some behave like they are the story and anything they have to say is secondary. Let’s review.

I believe that Howard Hawks movie “His Girl Friday” is an accurate depiction of the media and represents the epitome of journalistic integrity. If you haven’t seen it, watch it. I’ll wait.

Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell in “His Girl Friday”

It is a crowded field and tough to prioritize a list of the biggest and most reprehensible hacks that ever graced a TV screen. In no particular order here are some examples of the biggest turds ever to call themselves reporters.

Dan Rather got caught doing a fake news story on George Bush. It cost him his job. To this day he swears that the information may have been fake but it was accurate.

Bernstein managed to avoid hospital security and obtain an exclusive interview with a former CIA Director William Casey. It was a journalistic coup since Casey was unable to talk, at the time.
Jim Acosta beats up on female White House Interns and then complains when the White House takes offense.

Soledad O’Brien, claimed her tweets shamed President Trump into going to Iraq. The fact that Trump was already in Iraq when she made her comments didn’t phase her in the least.
Hurricane fake. Here is a reporter doing his damnedest to stay upright, battling gale force winds. The humanity! He is risking life and limb to bring the story to TV. Thirty feet away two pedestrians walk into the shot, no wind.
Here is Anderson Cooper faking a flood story. The controversy seems to be which hurricane event was occurring when he faked the story. Whenever it was, the photo seems to confirm that turds float.

There is a solution. In Europe the news is delivered by “news readers” instead of anchors. This may eliminate the cult of personality and is worth a try. I have noticed that on some Spanish language talk shows the host dresses as a clown.

Let’s call a spade a spade. News anchors act like clowns make them dress like clowns.

I did a survey of foreign television news programs and the employment of news readers. I think that a news reader will do everything a TV executive could ask for. Here are some of the ones that I came across.

From Albania

I have no idea what they were talking about, but I hung on their every word.


Must have been ratings week!


Think of the savings in wardrobe expenses.

I think it is worth a try in the U.S. Who knows, I might start watching the news again.

Never forget, the main mission of TV journalism is to sell tampons and toilet paper.