Misdirection Play

Tesla Owner Speechless at Company’s Response After Car Bursts Into Flames (yahoo.com)

Here’s the setup. An idiot buys a Tesla. It bursts into flames. He calls Tesla customer service and they ignore him. One customer service rep suggested he bring his car to an authorized service center. Now he is upset. The obvious question is what did he expect? Go back to the beginning, an idiot bought a Tesla.

The fire department responded to the fire and put it out. A wrecker towed the burned out hulk off the highway. The insurance company is handling the claim. Seems like the event and resulting fallout are all being handled. Just what is Tesla customer service supposed to do?

Apparently telling Malla to take his car to a service center was not the answer he wanted from customer service. There are two ways are looking at this response. Malla is unhappy with the response. On the other hand, chalk up a win for the customer service guy. He provided an answer, his desk is clear. Malla got an answer, just not the one he wanted.

“Yes, insurance will cover the car, but I need to hear from Tesla,” Malla said on Reddit. “All I need is the answer from them and protect others to not go through the same issue.”

Bishal Malla, Proud Tesla owner 

Malla bought a Tesla, he deserves everything he gets, a crispy car and a snippy customer service rep.