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Maria Menounos, Ace Reporter

Maria Menounos is a hard hitting reporter. She can delve into a situation, rally the facts and present them into a credible narrative. The fact that she is unable to discover her twat blowing in the wind shouldn’t detract from her credibility. It could happen to anybody.

Maria Menounos Recalls Her ‘Bikini Malfunction,’ The ‘Most Embarrassing’ Moment Of Her Life

“I finally came out [of the water] and I’m like, ‘These people are not stopping.’ I’m like, ‘Wow, is Britney Spears behind me? What’s going on?’ Oh no, my vagina’s out. That’s it,” she said.

Of course all you rotten bastards who looked are justly condemned. Not so, the person who isn’t bright enough to wear a bathing suit and keep it on.

The second thing …