Dating in The New Millennium

Stormy Vain

Many years ago, when I was chasing tail and hanging in bars there were several popular sayings among the hard dicks, such as: “A stiff dick has no conscience.” “Any port in a storm.” “At closing time they all look good.” Fear of AIDS caused a reevaluation of such attitudes.

The younger generation would regard these sayings in much the way we regarded: “Twenty-three skiddoo,” Don’t take any wooden nickels,” or Hotsy-totsy. Huh?

The problem isn’t only political correctness but also one involving truth in advertising. All we had to contend with back in the day was the disappointment in finding a padded bra.

A millennial went on a first date with a “chick” he met on-line. He discovered that she was a he. He was not attracted to “it” and now feels guilty. As he puts it:

I went on a date with a woman, who was trans, and now I feel like an asshole:

From Brasspills blog

He fits every category for an asshole that I have ever run across, but not for the reason he thinks. Number one bad dates happen, get over it. Most of the time it is because two people don’t click once they get together. The fact that you “girl” date has bigger balls than you…qualifies.

The fact that he now feels guilty qualifies him as an asshole. Guilty for what? You don’t see “it” agonizing.

This might make a great dating horror story, good for a free drink. It is not cool to ask your friends for advice. Only an asshole would solicit advice from his guy friends about dating a he/she.

I already know what my friends would say, to a many without deviation. Of course you should date “it” and have sex too! Thanks guys.