Marketing Miss

Crotch Cannon in action

This gadget doesn’t appeal to me. However, I can see a niche market. Guys ain’t it. Recall the recent remarks of Lori Lightfoot, Mayor of Chicago. She claimed that: “she had the biggest dick in the city.” Metaphorically that might be true, but she can’t project that power. Imagine what she could do with the crotch cannon. Not only could she write her name in the snow, she could do it with no hands!

In a previous posting, I noted an essential difference between men and women that was manifested in a common chore. The playing field was equal for the two sexes. However, the male performed the task more effectively. Nature or nurture? At the link.

Somebody ought to send Lori Lightfoot a crotch cannon. It may cut down on the time she devotes to screwing up the city.

Sometimes it’s not the invention but the way it is marketed.