It Has Been So Long I didn’t Know they Moved It!

The problem with the Internet is that one is constantly bombarded with all sorts of information. I guess some of it could be useful, but a lot of it is confusing. Even when I follow some of the links I still don’t get it. Take this link from Yahoo.

Vanessa Hudgens’s Under Boob Cutout Almost Distracted From Her Super-High Slit

I have no idea who Vanessa Hudgens is. Then there is the rest of the statement. I like boobs, under boobs are cool. Given the choice between under boobs and a high slit it’s no contest. Boobs or a unique slit, I’m going with the slit.

The high slit thing gives rise to all sorts of questions. Was she born that way? Is it the result of a genetic defect? Or was her slit restructured surgically? I didn’t know they could move it. Since her slit is so high does that eliminate midgets from sexual consideration? Assuming one is granted access to her high slit is there a special position? Will the same old angles work?

I admit to clicking on the link. I wanted to see if the high slit was pictured. High, low or in between it has been so long I was curious. I didn’t get to see Vanessa Hudgens high slit; her dress was in the way.

I thought I knew what they were talking about.