If It Wasn’t For Double Standards, We’d Have No Standards At All

School Motto?

Marquette University is reconsidering admitting an incoming freshman, woman, gender neutral, thing because he/she/it expressed support for President Trump. First, a description of the school. This, from Wikipedia the lazy man’s reference. Secondly, the story from Power Line Blog.

Marquette University (/mɑːrˈkɛt/) is a private Jesuit research university in MilwaukeeWisconsin. Established by the Society of Jesus as Marquette College on August 28, 1881, it was founded by John Martin Henni, the first Bishop of Milwaukee.[

The university was named after 17th-century missionary and explorer Father Jacques Marquette, SJ, with the intention to provide an affordable Catholic education to the area’s emerging German immigrant population.[4] Initially an all-male institution, Marquette became the first coeducational Catholic university in the world in 1909 when it began admitting its first female students.[5]

The stance of this Catholic School makes perfect sense to me. The school has a lot of things to be ashamed of. The school was named after Jacques Marquette a missionary and explorer. You know a guy like Christopher Columbus. He exploited native peoples by his very presence.

Marquette is a Catholic school. This is a mixed bag. The Catholic Church espouses a moral code, bad. On the plus side through the actions of the Catholic hierarchy, it is obvious that they no longer believe the shit they preach, good. The church is big on personal responsibility, bad. The Catholic Church gave the world the Inquisition, good. Heresy comes in many forms. Kicking students out of school for contrary opinions is consistent with the mindset that supports the Inquisition, good.

Recent events show that Catholic Institutions are attempting to be more mainstream. The unqualified support for issues on the democrat agenda, birth control, abortion, and gay marriage demonstrate that as long as the cash flows there is no conflict with Church teachings.

Words are good, but actions speak louder. Who can forget stories of Catholic clergy screwing altar boys? Couple that with the active cover up of the deed, by the hierarchy. Their actions would make a NAMBLA member proud. Here is a list of Bishops in the United States accused of either abusing or covering up sexual abuse allegations.


It is easy to see why the University would be threatened by a single student expressing an opinion, inconsistent with University goals, stated and unstated. The University has to make up for a variety of sins. Virtue signaling is a bitch.

In keeping with the times, a name change for the University is appropriate. My humble offering is Pervert University. It purports to be one thing while actually being another.