Welcome to Clay County, Florida

Clay County, Florida, SO

The Sheriff in Clay County Florida threw down the gauntlet and invited ANTIFA and BLM to come to Clay County. He promised that if the leftists came, the Sheriff intended to enforce the law. Sheriff Darryl Daniels promised to deputize every gun owner in the county, to aid him in that effort. Don’t hold your breath Sheriff, they ain’t coming.


Radicals don’t go where they aren’t wanted. Oh sure, every community has the cocktail clowns who can spout the bullshit. These rebels without a clue got tired of yelling, “look at me!” What they never realized is that people did look. It’s just that they didn’t see anything interesting and moved on. Now these useful idiots are attempting a new tact, radical chic. It’s too bad their daddies didn’t utilize a different sort of sheikh.

Crime prevention

There is only one thing that rioting and demonstrations create, publicity. These events don’t solve anything. They don’t house the homeless. Riots don’t save the polar bear. Demonstrations and so called peaceful protests don’t combat “global warming.” In fact, with all those fires pollution and global warming are probably increased.

Find me a protest, riot, looting spree, or idiot politician spouting crap outside of a major TV market. Three, two, one…. didn’t happen did it? Trump pointed out that the surge of violence occurred only in democratic strongholds. The Washington Post disproved that assertion. Out of control violence was present in only seventeen out of twenty democratic strong holds.

Guess what? People don’t like to go to jail. They don’t like getting their asses whooped. They are especially down on the idea of getting their asses whooped and then jailed.

I’m old. I remember 1968. I was old enough to be cannon fodder for demonstrations held at the Boston Armory in 1970.

Boston Armory Anti-war demonstration

I still remember the recruiting speech. There were going to be bands, a free concert, free dope, and pussy. Everybody was going to get laid. The tear gas, ass whooping by the Boston Police Tactical Squad and subsequent booking were never mentioned.

This recruitment effort led to an epiphany on my part. Both sides of the political spectrum were comprised of lying sons-of-a-bitches.

After 9-11 law enforcement and intelligence asked several questions. How do terrorists recruit? Secondly, how do they choose a target? The results of the research went against public perception.

Suicide bombers, are for the most part, born not made. They come from a culture where sacrifice of one’s life for a concept is ingrained in the culture. There are worlds of difference between an arab detonating a bomb and a GI throwing himself on a grenade. The muslim is following the guidance of a child molester. The GI is doing it to save his buddies in the same foxhole.

Yeah, there are American’s out there willing to go out in a blaze of glory. But their thinking is so disordered that even the goat fuckers think they are crazy.

So, in radical recruiting, total suicidal commitment is out. Dessert training camps won’t work, no Internet, Twitter, or Starbucks. What is left? College graduates with degrees in Liberal Arts, Gender studies, Queer Theory, Womyn’s studies. They have $250,000 in debt and no possibility of paying it back. Employment at Starbucks only goes so far. In the 1960’s the SDS and Weather Underground recommended recruiting the fat, dumb and ugly. Apparently that advice still holds.

It is only once the recruits are selected can attention be turned to target selection. Using the cast of characters, seen above, it is easy to rule out, a nuclear strike, targeting a politician for sexual blackmail, or long distance sniping. The action, in whatever form, must be seen or at least twisted to seem effective. This limits the potential action to one course, a screaming hissy fit!

To further guarantee success, care must be exercised in target selection. A night stick in the mouth is just a community’s way of saying, “go away.” Better to rely on a mayor, city council, ball less police chief, and district attorney to suspend the enforcement of the law so that the protesters can have free reign in breaking the law. No conflict here. Demand society accept responsibility for acts 100 years in the past. While at the same time denying responsibility for criminal acts in the present.

The circle is now complete. For those of you confronted with riots and looting, I have some advice. Stay the course. Continue to make it easy on the thieves, rioters and looters. Take all of your shit and pile it on the front lawn. Stake out your wife and daughters, next to the stuff. You voted for this result. The politicians have decided that all you have is free for the taking. You went along with them, and have no reason to complain. I support ANTIFA and BLM efforts to destroy your city. You deserve it.

For those communities not confronted by ANTIFA and BLM remember these folks are con artists and cowards. They are aided and abetted by con artists and cowards, already at work in you community. We call them politicians.

Peaceful protests are all well in good. These protests stop being peaceful once the first law or ordinance is violated in order to advance the goals of the protesters.