How Do they Do That?

Humans ‘mistake sex robots for real people’ in AI world first

EXCLUSIVE: Silicone Lovers is producing dolls that look so life-like, human beings are mistaking them for real people because of a breakthrough in how they are produced

I’m skeptical. Okay, I’ll concede that a sex robot and the average blond are probably at the same IQ level. The sex doll probably has a more pleasing personality, than a human female. Neither a woman or a sex doll can’t beat a good dog for loyalty and good company.

I’m also not sure about the sex thing. I concede that during sex, the doll may move more than my ex-wife. But, how does one do a comparison test, on the sex?

I mean with a sex doll the foreplay isn’t the same. No begging, pleading, or bargaining. No complaints about, “You’re not doing it right.” Seems that would be a tip-off. At the conclusion, no argument about who sleeps in the wet spot.

Best I can come with is a board fence with a knothole. Just back the sex doll up to a knothole, then the woman and give each a poke.

In either case it wouldn’t be what you call love. But science is serious business.