Mother of the Year, Nominee

Child Protective Services Approved

In Berks County Pennsylvania a women hanged her 8-year-old son and 4-year-old-daughter. Pennsylvania Child Protective Services (CPS) had previously removed the children. CPS decided to give her second crack chance with them. The story at the link.

This picture of mental health is also accused of having sex with the family dog. How bad does a home environment have to be before children are removed permanently?

This was originally intended to be a post about the failure of CPS, in this particular instance. Then I came across this blog entry at Power Line. Two different venues, and two different conclusions. Mental health, psychology, whatever you call it, is not science and has no basis in science.

The Berks county mother had her children removed once before. The state intervened. One can assume she was given a going over by “mental health professionals.” She probably had to attend a variety of classes to improve her parenting and coping skills. Bet she even got a certificate for her efforts. Then they gave her her kids back, so that she could kill them.

Power Line reports that a group of “mental health professionals” have decided that the President is mentally incapable of performing his duties. None of these so called professionals have ever examined the President. Contrary to their ethical obligations, they have dispensed with examination and gone right to diagnosis.

This effort just indicates that mental health professionals know that they are perpetrating a sham on the unwary. They know that they could obtain equally valid results examining chicken guts and rolling the bones.