How Come All of the Notable Women of 2022 are all Men?

Liberals are upset because the Babylon Bee pointed out that Rachel Levine and extraordinarily homely woman is actually an extraordinarily homely man.

Admiral Levine

Lia Thomas, Think bikini waxing is tough? Try hiding a pair of balls in a women’s swimsuit.

Nothing these freaks and their supporters can say or do will change the fact that they have an XY chromosome and will always be male.

I can’t help thinking that news editors, reporters and the liberal elite are in competition to come up with the most outrageous statement and foist it on an unsuspecting public. Recall the plight of Harambe the gorilla. He was shot by police after he approached a toddler who had fallen into the exhibit.

This isn’t about pointing fingers and debating the necessity of the police action. I bring up Harambe the gorilla because Black Lives Matter (BLM) tried to include him in the list of unarmed black men killed by the police. Probably Not the Company He’d Want to Keep – PORAC Ponders

Harambe the Gorilla, in happier times.