Trust Me ….

I was a cop for thirty years. I have handled my share of disturbances, barroom brawls, and pissing contests. Sometimes one of the participants was a cop. Usually, the cop was on the side of the angels. Every once in a while, the dust up could be characterized as: two assholes got in an argument and one of them went to jail.

I kinda feel that way about current events in Russia and the Ukraine. On the one hand, you have the Russian version of things. The Russians are noted for disinformation and propaganda and therefore not believable. On the other hand, there is the MSM. MSM credibility is lower than that of the Russians. Consider this report from Power Line about an exchange between the New York Times and Candace Owens.

NY Times all the news printed to fit.

More at the link, We’ve Always Been at War With Eastasia | Power Line (

On top of that, you have President Poopy Pants trying to mediate. Does a President shit on the Pope? Basement Joe and his advisors haven’t hit on a consistent theme. Putin is the reincarnation of Hitler, they say. He is a war criminal, they say. He is untrustworthy, they say. At the same time (they say) Putin is the ideal go between in negotiations between Iran and The United States. Then they say Putin, listen to basement Joe he is your friend. I don’t blame Putin if he is unwilling to buy off on that argument.

Guys let’s use our common experience. Go back to your twenty something past. Picture yourself with a beer in your hand, not the first of the night and likely not the last. It’s getting late the prospects of dragging someone home is diminishing. Standing alone you spot a fat chick. Hey, it’s late and in your besotted eyes she has dropped ten pounds for every beer you consumed. So, you make a run at her and say the first complimentary thing that pops into your head: “Gee for a fat girl, you don’t sweat so much.” Did you get laid?

I am reminded of an incident that happened at Audie Murphy VA Hospital, here in San Antonio. I’m relying on memory. It happened probably forty years ago. A veteran seeking admission twisted off during the intake process. He produced a weapon, took the clerk hostage and barricaded himself in an office. A VA police officer arrived to take charge of the scene. His first official act was to whip a tear gas grenade into the room containing the hostage taker. When that failed to dissuade the hostage taker, the officer decided to open face to face negotiations, he entered the office. He uttered those words only a Fed could love, “I’m from the government, here to help you!” The wacko promptly used his weapon of choice to injure the cop. This proves that while the wacko might have been crazy, he wasn’t stupid.

If recent history is any indication. Putin is in a tight spot. If Putin accepted a face-to-face meeting with Biden, he has no guarantee that Basement Joe will not shit on him. Putting President Poopy pants aside, Putin is confronted with Biden advisors that can’t differentiate between male and female. Who should he trust?