Ethics For the 21st Century

The advance in technology is creating ethical dilemmas that were never contemplated in the past. Consider the guy that spends $5,000 for a sexbot only to discover that she won’t put out for him. If he has sex anyway, does that make him a bad person? Is the machine’s refusal to have sex a bug or feature? Can the would be lover return the sexbot for a full refund because it is a defective product? 

If the whole relationship thing doesn’t work out, is the sexbot entitled to half his shit and the house?

Questions about consent loom after tech brothel auctions off robot’s virginity for $10K


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Sex robots are everywhere at the moment (not literally – you won’t find them marching down the street just yet), but figuratively, as a growing number of ‘robot brothels’ divide public opinion as they feel out the market in the US and Canada.

But if a robot hasn’t ‘had sex’ yet, does that make it a virgin? A crowdfunding campaign to open the world’s first consent-focused sex brothel launched by Abyss Creations employee Unicole Unicron last month would argue that it does indeed.

On the other hand, there are groups fighting for robots to be given equal rights to humans. Transhumanists believe that ‘sentient entities’ should not be mistreatedand instead be given equal and universal access to life in order for AI to work in tandem with humanity.