Bloomberg Reaches New Heights, On Campaign Trail

Some people claim that President Trump isn’t very bright. I guess if one is already operating at a deficit, then Trump’s subtlety is easy to miss. Trump subtle? Okay, not in the delivery but sometimes in the message. Take his crack about Mini Mike standing on a box. That’s a shot at Mini Mike being short. Maybe. Let’s look at the history.

Mini Mike Bloomberg, with a little help from his friend

Wikipedia puts the idea of standing at an elevated position and speaking into context, here.
The term is also used The term is also used metaphorically to describe a person engaging in often flamboyant impromptu or unofficial public speaking, as in the phrases “He’s on his soapbox”, or “Get off your soapbox.” Hyde Park, London is known for its Sunday soapbox orators, who have assembled at Speakers’ Corner since 1872 to discuss religion, politics, and other topics.

Here is what the Royal Parks Website has to say:

Speakers’ Corner is a traditional site for public speeches and debates since the mid 1800’s when protests and demonstrations took place in Hyde Park.

Speakers’ Corner is located on the north-east edge of Hyde Park, nearest Marble Arch and Oxford Street.

Historic figures such as Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin and George Orwell were known to often use the area to demonstrate free speech.

In 1872, an act of parliament set aside this part of Hyde Park for public speaking. Even today, on a Sunday morning, it’s not unusual to find crowds gathering at Speakers’ Corner to listen to enthusiasts expounding their views. Anyone can turn up unannounced to speak on any subject, as long as the police consider their speeches lawful.

The Royal Park, website

But there is more to the story. Hyde Park is located in close proximity to Tyburn Square. This is probably the first place where speakers took an elevated position to speak their mind. Over fifty thousand were given the opportunity to speak up, until the mid 1700’s.* Here is a picture of the Tyburn speaker’s platform.

First venue set aside for public speaking

By the mid 1700’s the Tyburn Tree was dismantled. In 1872, Parliament set up a new venue in Hyde Park, called speakers Square. People brought soap boxes to stand on. They were able to speak on any topic that struck their fancy, as long as the subject was within legal bounds. Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin and assorted crazies were among the people who climbed onto their soapbox.

So here is a direct line of murders, thieves, rapists, communists and crazies. They have followed the tradition first started at Tyburn. Mini Mike has just joined up with his peers, to continue the tradition. It’s not about height but self deluding ambition.

* Condemned prisoners were allowed to speak from the gallows, just prior to the drop.