Got My Attention

Is this the answer to man’s greatest dilemma? Check out the PSA.

To look or not to look? Is it demeaning to check out boobs that seem to call out for attention? If a guy doesn’t look, is that a failure to acknowledge the obvious?

If it’s okay to look, how long and to what degree? I accept that flashlights are a definite no-no. To me, a sneak peek is a divided attention thing that doesn’t do boobs any justice. On the other hand, I can see where some folks would consider staring, accompanied jaw dropping, drool as inappropriate.

I consider an erect nipple poking through the fabric of a blouse to be a thing of wonder and awe. It has been forty years but I still recall a winter day scuba dive. I took a student out on a check out dive. The water was cold. How cold was it? Her nipples declared themselves through a 3/8 inch thick wet suit. This is a feat I have longed to see again, to no avail.

It could be that this PSA is a further indication of the sorry state of man in the new decade. I never asked permission and never failed to look. While there is something to be said for the starter button on a 32 Ford. It will never beat the real thing.

Starter button 32 Ford