Some People Are Never Happy

Guys just can’t win, what ever they do is wrong.

Here is a cautionary tale out of Wichita Falls. Seems like this guy can’t do anything right. There he is minding his own business. He’s sitting on the couch with his girlfriend when he farted. It all went to hell from there.

Girls just don’t understand. When a guy rips off a hemorrhoid rattling fart, while in her presence, it is a compliment. It speaks to being comfortable and secure in the relationship. It is a higher level of sharing.

The first time I let one rip in front of my wife, it was an affirmation that I had accepted the married state.

Back to the story. We have only her word that he let loose a real stinker. I’m not doubting that he farted. However, I’m not sure I trust her judgment as to the stink worthiness of his effort. At any rate she objected.

She apparently did not get up but remained on the couch. In an effort to prevent her from suffering further ill effects, from the lingering stink bomb, he choked her. It should be obvious that if she can’t breathe she can’t inhale any noxious fumes. This was an act of compassion, not assault. Boyfriend’s efforts were in vain. This action further enraged her. The cops got called boyfriend went to jail.

Can This Relationship Be Saved?