The Only Time Race is Unimportant, is on an Arrest Report

First, it was the ACLU complaining about the police Chief who released the body cam footage of the arrest of a spoiled eighteen-year-old. The police footage demonstrated that she was a liar and was falsely accusing the arresting officer of rape. The ACLU said that the Chief was trying to “shut down the conversation.”

Now we have the Bart Area Rapid Transit (BART) playing games. BART has an extensive network of surveillance cameras on trains, in stations, on platforms and surrounding their venues. Bart has also had three incidents were from four to forty juveniles acting in concert, have taken over trains or invaded stations or platforms and assaulted other passengers and robbed them. Statements made by BART spokespersons would seem to indicate that there is a racial commonality to the suspects. Bart-withholding-surveillance-videos-of-crime-to-avoid-stereotypes/ 

Since it is stylish not to make a judgment or otherwise identify suspects and defendants by race in the press, casual observation of criminal events captured on closed circuit TV was the last source of information. Now that is gone, at least in San Francisco.

If you watch the interview or read the article, the insightful reader may be able to make a judgment. Here are some clues:

The criminal group consists of juveniles and teens without adult supervision in an urban environment.

Similar groups of juveniles and young teens acting without adult supervision have staged mass attacks in other large cities. They were identified by race, and that race was black or African American.

So, customers of BART be on the lookout for marauding groups of juveniles of a single race particularly susceptible to stereotyping as criminals. If you are walking behind Jesse Jackson and spot a group of black teens approaching and Jesse crosses the street, cross with him.