Nomination for Hero Badge

One picture is of a distinguished professor at UT Austin. The other picture is of a convicted felon. Can you tell which is which??

ANTIFA eating their own at UT Austin. A UT Professor who entered a guilty plea to strangling his girlfriend in a Travis County Court has attracted the ire of ANTIFA. For the uninitiated when one attempts to strangle a girlfriend and fails, it is considered Aggravated Assault, a felony, and crime of moral turpitude. Professor Morrisett received probation, community service, a fine and re-education.

UT declined to sanction professor who pleaded guilty to violent felony

UT bureaucrats reviewed the circumstances of the conviction and determined that since Morrisett didn’t attempt to murder his girlfriend on campus, his extracurricular activities have no impact on his campus activities. This is the famous “Harland Copeland” defense first stated by the then Sheriff of Bexar County.

Sheriff Copeland was informed by the press that one of his deputies was recently arrested for sexual assault of a child, yet he continued to work as deputy Sheriff. What did the Sheriff intend to do about it? Copeland stated that “Since the deputy was off-duty at the time of the offense, the Sheriff didn’t feel like he had to do anything. Afterall what he did, he did on his own time and was his own “bidness.” Copeland didn’t have any better luck that UT trying to float that turd past the public. Antifa-group-at-U-of-Texas-Austin-vandalizes-WWI-Memorial.

When it comes to professional credentials (licensing) most state agencies and boards involved rely on a standard called “crimes of moral turpitude.” These are typically considered to be morally wrong. It Texas, an assault between two men is not considered to be a crime of moral turpitude, boys will be boys. However, an assault between a man and a woman, with the woman being the victim, there is a crime of moral turpitude.

A finding that Morrisett committed a crime of moral turpitude would be enough to revoke his teaching credential, his license as a pharmacist, his DPS license to possess and dispense controlled substances and his DEA license. It seems to me that any one of those outcomes would affect his ability to perform on campus.