Girls With Guns

Mixed MessageThe last time I saw my future ex-wife naked she was pointing a nickel plated Smith & Wesson 2 1/2 barrel, Model 19 at me. Damn, she looked good and I told her so with all the sincerity I could work up staring at that unwavering gun barrel. She accepted the compliment but disparaged me for making it. She was one of those time and place people.

I started girls with guns because I found the cheesecake photos pretty ridiculous. There are some activities that seem to pair naturally, but guns and plain and fancy trick fucking doesn’t make my short list. Some items that seem to work with a naked partner: 

Mixing Mimosa’s and having a long leisurely Sunday that lasts until noon. It’s usually best to skip frying bacon and eggs.

Sharing a hot tub or even better-sitting in a deserted stretch of the Guadalupe River on a hot summer day with a cold beer in one hand

 If you ever find yourself driving the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina there are a couple of places where one can join the “Mile High Club” without leaving the ground. I was tempted but figured it wouldn’t be the same flying solo…