Nomination For A Hero Badge

Nothing sends a message that current police and fire administrations are chickenshits, than this story. Keep in mind that the Fire Chief who attempted to terminate the fire fighter is the same one who got caught dining with a beaver.

San Antonio Fire Chief Charles Hood ate sushi off a mostly nude woman at a firefighter’s birthday party earlier this year, taking part in a Japanese practice that has been criticized for objectifying and degrading women.

Here’s the set up. A San Antonio fire fighter mooned an SAPD helicopter. Pictures ensued.

The story doesn’t say. I think it is safe to assume that this incident happened while the fire fighter was at his station. It’s also a safe bet that the helicopter was orbiting the fire station. It could be that the helicopter crew was working a scene. Then again, they could have been killing time and there was the fire station. I haven’t seen the offending photo. In these things bragging rights demand that the “moon” and the helicopter occupy the same photo. Otherwise the whole thing doesn’t count. A video from the vantage point of the helicopter is acceptable. Are you starting to get the idea that this photo session took a major effort?

Now if my assumptions hold true, the history of relations between police and fire, demand such a response from the firefighter. I suspect that there are not only still photos but also video, both infrared and color. Probably more info than you want to know but the video resolution for the camera in the helicopter is such that any “craters” on that moon would be readily apparent.

The Fire Department claimed that: Williams was cited for violating SAFD rules pertaining to conduct and behavior, negative public image and inappropriate behavior. Used to be Williams would have been sanctioned for not rising to the challenge.

Such action is to be expected of police and fire administrators who have been willingly emasculated in their quest for power. At least the arbitrator demonstrated some common sense. I like the old ways and old days better.