No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

He could have left her crazy and nearly illiterate. The guy tried to fix what he could and help her out with her composition. Here are the thanks he gets. It’s tough being a sensitive type guy these days!

Link leads to the entire letter Nick Lutz on Twitter_ _When your ex-writes you an apology letter, so you grade it to send it back https___t.co_MczdjcCiil_ 

Even when you were in a bad relationship, it would be nice to think that each party was able to take something away from it that would make them a better person. Nick may have helped the ex with her spelling, syntax and overall composition, but it appears she may have needed work in other areas. I guess the wound hasn’t fully scabbed over, yet. Student-suspended-for-giving-exs-apology-letter-a-d-minus/ 

The gist of the story is what a rotten unfeeling bastard Mr. Lutz is. He may be. Read the story again. He found it necessary to block her on his telephone and took similar steps for his online presence. It sounds like somebody couldn’t take no for an answer. 

She took her complaint to the Sheriff’s Office and apparently was dissatisfied with the law enforcement assessment. The Sheriff’s Office took no action  She then contacted the college to file her complaint.

My experience with educators and the law is that they do not understand the law and are not interested in learning. What they want is dominion and control over their students by any means necessary. I hope he obtains a sizable judgment.