You Can’t Shoot Me!

Frame-by-frame photos show the seconds leading up to the fatal shooting of Gilbert Flores by Bexar County Sheriff’s deputies in August 2015. Photo: Court Records

This incident is a prime example of why cameras, videos, and whatnot are not the panacea liberals make them out to be. Oh, look his hands are up! Can you see the knife clutched in his left hand? Hands up with a knife in hand; submission or defiance? New-details-emerge-in-death-of-suspect-killed-by-deputies

This asshole likes to beat his wife. This time around while she was holding his eighteen-day old daughter. The Express-News describes the confrontation not captured on video: Just as Flores had seemed to stop his erratic behavior — who earlier had tried to stab the deputies, took away a police Taser and came close to getting a deputy’s AR-15 rifle — and raised his hands above his head in what appeared to be surrender, the deputies agreed on “ending this” and opened fire, one after the other, according to new details recently obtained by the San Antonio Express-News.

Surrender, really while still armed with a knife? The officers “agreed on ending this,” yeah, so? That sounds more like a mutual agreement that they didn’t have control of the situation, they didn’t believe that the suspect intended to surrender, that the suspect was still armed with a deadly weapon, and had shown an intention to use it. The confrontation had gone on for twelve minutes, showed no signs of stopping, the suspect was unrestricted in his movements and as evidenced by the third party video, people were starting to notice. A potential crowd only adds to the potential victim pool.

There is a certain breed of turd out there often characterized by a shaved head, various tattoos, and the ability to spout profanity, but not reason in two languages. They espouse the belief that if one has a knife, then an opponent cannot use a gun. These people have never read Title Nine of the Texas Penal Code. He got that one wrong. There is an upside. His daughter will never get to meet the piece of shit that was her father.

The Deputies have been cleared in the shooting. The current trial is to determine if the family is a Ghetto Lottery Award winner and the prize amount.