Life Imitates Art?

I never watched Dallas. But, I did tour the ranch where it was filmed. I think free drinks and dinner were included, which is why I went. The attempted suicide of Bradley Manning triggered a what if plot twist based on the show.

My vague recollection of the show is that Bobby Ewing committed suicide in the season 7 cliffhanger. In season 8 he was back and in the shower. The explanation was that the preceding seasons were all a dream. The suicide attempt brought him back to reality.

Like Bobby, Bradley Manning attempted suicide. What if life imitates art? Bradley Manning could be in for a hell of a shock. Imagine him waking up in the hospital.

“What am I doing here? I can’t see my feet. My God I’m an amputee. No wait, tits are blocking my vision. What am I doing with tits? Why is my voice so high? Ahhhhhhhhh, my dick, where is my dick? Somebody stole my dick!”

It could happen.