Self Quarantine

Visual proof that I am right, once again. Toilet paper isle at HEB. The main function of the news media is to sell toilet paper and tampons!

Due to the on going Chinese virus crisis I have decided to self quarantine. Don’t worry I will continue to report the trials and tribulations inherent in such a move.

I have a supply of steaks, ribs and brisket that should hold me. I even have some veggies. I found a recipe for killer turnip greens. The secret is in the pork fat.

I plan on maintaining an internal environment that is hostile to viruses and germs. To do this I require periodic infusions of Bushmills. My only concern is that my supply of Irish Whiskey may be inadequate for the task. To be on the safe side, I am asking for your assistance. Help me in my quest to protect public health. Drop by and drop off any one of the following.

Won’t you help?

If you can’t stop by, I understand. However, you can still contribute. Twin Liquors takes on-line orders and makes deliveries. Help a buddy out.

If you don’t do it for me….do it for the children.