Dating: Good News/Bad News, The Odds of Going Home Alone Have Decreased Significantly

To express a preference one over the other is to display your bigotry. A good time can be had by all, just let yourself go.

I am so confused. A female porn star committed suicide this week because she didn’t want to have sex with a male costar that she believed was also staring in gay porn films. She was under the mistaken impression that choosing her sexual partners was her decision alone.  She was ostracized within the industry. Some narrow minded people might consider that the trans community was enabling a culture of rape, sjws-are-puttingpolitics-back-into-the-bedroom.

With radicals it is never enough to nibble around the edges, some advocates say that should a transexual of whatever persuasion make google eyes at you; the only acceptable option is a box of chocolates, maybe some flowers and a willingness to take one for the team.  In all likelihood your efforts will be observed and judged on U-tube on Monday. I hope when my time comes its a person who believes they are a German Shepard, I like dogs.

Let’s put this into perspective. All Harvey Weinstein and company need to do is claim that they are quadraphrenics; they will do anything to anybody for a quarter. There sexual make up includes things conceived and unconvinced by man and beast to reject their advances is to devalue their self worth and an act of bigotry.

Crazy is crazy across the board, it isn’t a matter of context or point of view, don’t give a shit how you feel. This trans-shit and those that advocate it are crazy not just sometimes but always and forever. Reject the philosophy and those that advocate it.