Bait and Switch

Liberals and democrats go on and on about voter disenfranchisement. I guess it makes sense, stick with what you know. After all the democrats came up with the poll tax and the literacy requirement to keep newly freed blacks away from the polls after the civil war.

The problem with such tactics is that the stratagem is obvious and not very efficient. LBJ, the great innovator, refined voter disenfranchisement by way of the old switcheroo. “let the peons drop their ballots in the ballot box.” Archie Parr will ensure that “my ballot box” will replace “their ballot box.” They ain’t got a bitch coming…they voted. It just didn’t get counted. This is a tried and true method, still in play today.

High tech goes low. How about an algorithm that that modifies ballot selections so that the choice of “A” reads a choice for “B”. Or, I know, I know! how about reducing the results at a poll down to a thumb drive? No more lugging pesky ballot boxes.

Then there is the concept of mail in ballots. No verification of identity. No deadline for voting. The individual voting isn’t versed in the intricacies of voting. The reality is that the process of casting a ballot is meaningless to machine politicians. What matters is how the numbers are totaled. Stalin summed it up best, almost a hundred years ago.

Real voter disenfranchisement doesn’t happen at the threshold of the polling place. Requiring voters to show up at the polls with valid identification isn’t voter suppression. Stuffing ballot boxes, bribing voters, substituting ballots and conducting fraudulent counts is voter disenfranchisement.

Everyone who agrees with me vote yes!

I haven’t even posted this blog entry and the votes are in! I lost. Never mind…