Nomination For A Hero Badge

I am constantly amazed by the liberals inability to recognize irony. I guess it goes with the ability to be for and against something at the same time. This time the perpetrator is a Texas Legislator. Rep. James Talarico has sponsored a bill that would prohibit Texas law enforcement agencies from entering into deals with reality TV show producers. Talarico like others of his ilk confuses cause and effect.

Williamson County deputies became involved in a high speed chase with Javier Ambler. When the chase concluded Ambler continued to resist. The deputies lit him up with a taser, by some accounts four times. Ambler, suffering from congestive heart failure, subsequently died. The chase and struggle was captured by a “Live PD” film crew.

In the liberal world, Ambler, a black man was in no way responsible for the events or outcome. This is another case of the racism exhibited by liberals, that of low expectations. By their lights, it is unreasonable to expect a black man to follow the law and rules of society.

Talarico has weighed the facts and concluded that “Live PD” bears responsibility and must be punished.

“Policing is not entertainment,” Talarico said in his news release. “In the tragic murder of Javier Ambler, we saw what happens when law enforcement leaders are more interested in boosting their ratings than protecting our communities. I hope Democrats and Republicans will come together to pass this bill to protect our citizens and restore trust in law enforcement.”

Texas District 52 Rep. James Talarico

I confess I have watched “Live PD” usually while flipping channels. Given the choice between watching the “Joy of Painting” and “Live PD” I’ll opt for “Live PD”. It’s kind of like watching TV’s greatest bloopers, only with cops. The cut-a-way to the studio commenters is absolutely hilarious. I hung around for the commentary in the vain hopes that one of the so called experts would turn to the other with the observation, “Well Jim they certainly fucked that situation up!” It never happened.

The reality is that police worn body cams serve a purpose, in two instances. The captured video may have evidentiary value, in court. A video can be used as an internal management tool to assure that policy and proper tactics were followed in a given situation.

Playing police body cam footage on the nightly news is no different than tuning in to Live PD the only purpose is entertainment value. They only difference is “Live PD” has better production values.

Remember the primary reason for TV news is to sell tampons and toilet paper.