Answer Me this …

A question nobody thought to ask.

Being a liberal allows one two hold two diametrically opposed viewpoints without admitting that there is a conflict. The comment below came in response to a Power Line blog entry. Catch-22 is alive and well!

Pippasmom Agent__86 • 5 hours ago

I think my previous comment won’t post because I used the proper scientific name for a man’s junk, so I’ll try again: your little girls should accept the sight of a grown man’s ding-a-ling in the Target restroom with equanimity in a spirit of inclusion and acceptance, but in a few years when she goes to college and attends drunken parties, the very sight of a nearly identical ding-a-ling will constitute sexual assault, and require years of therapy.

Is this the time to bring up Blow Job Bill Clinton the serial rapist and noted democrat?