Washington Post, Making The KKK ashamed To Call Themselves Racists

Tell me again how Liberals aren’t the most racist class ever to inhabit the United States. The headline could just as easily read: “Black Folks Just Got To Murder, They Can’t Help It”  African Americans far out perform other races both as victims and offenders. Washington Post is against Police attempting to prevent homicides.

Police departments’ decisions to fight the rising homicide rates in their cities could lead to more tensions between police and their communities, according to a Monday Washington Post article. The WaPo article titled “With rising homicides in big cities, Republican governors intensify police patrols,” expressed concern that police officers trying to fight murders would lead to rising “tensions” in their communities. Wapo-worries-that-using-police-to-fight-homicides-will-cause-tensions/

I know, I know! let’s tie the security cameras scattered about town into the local cable system, make the feed pay per view and broadcast street homicides in real time, for entertainment purposes.