Nomination for Hero Badge

In Minnesota, a woman called the local police to report a possible rape in progress. Ten minutes later she was dead. The police showed up and shot her and they ain’t talking.

The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension was called in to conduct the officer involved shooting investigation. They requested and obtained two search warrants. Both are available online.  In reciting events in the affidavit, the affiant’s unfortunate terminology leads us to the term of the week.

“the female became deceased.”

I dunno it might work, maybe a different context.

John F Kennedy was riding in a motorcade in Dallas, Texas when he suddenly became deceased.

Mary Jo Kopechne was riding in Teddy Kennedy’s car when she suddenly became deceased.

Well, as a literary device it would certainly cause the reader to what more.

John John Kennedy an arrogant, unqualified pilot loaded up his wife and sister-in-law into his plane for a quick trip to Cape Cod when they all suddenly became deceased.

It is more satisfying in the plural, too bad there were three empty seats.